BLINDNESS ought not to stop you!

At PAVI we stand with you and work for you that your life will continue with quality.


PAVI will intervene and advocate for equal opportunities for persons with visual impairment, as well as provide education for the prevention of blindness.


Throughout its existence PAVI has been driven by the value of helping people to prevent visual impairment, and ensuring that those who are visually impaired achieve their full potential through skills training and access to equal opportunities in Trinidad and Tobago. The organization upholds the individual’s:


  • Right to sight
  • Right to equal and inclusive services
  • Right to a livelihood
  • Right to a safe and secure environment

Some Major Highlights of the Organization

  • On June 6th, 1998 the organization was successful in gaining Cabinet’s acceptance to make amendments to the voting regulations. Since then persons with visual impairment have been allowed to exercise their right to vote secretly and independently.
  • In 2002-03 the organization embarked on an Early Intervention Programme which targeted children with visual impairment between birth and seven years, parents and teachers. The programme was successful in providing support to assist in the all round development of the children thereby positioning them to be on par with their sighted counterparts.
  • Partnered with Republic Bank for three years in the execution of a project entitled “Stepping Out” which sought to equip visually impaired persons with the skills needed to succeed. Coming out of this programme persons have received training in: The playing of an instrument, Soap Shampoo and Lotion Manufacturing; Business Management as well as Business Etiquette and Social Skills. Laptop computers equipped with the JAWS software, talking scales and CCTVs were also distributed to deserving persons.

Android App

Persons Associated with Visual Impairment (PAVI) in colaboration with the University of the West Indies, has developed a new Android Application to enable persons who are visually impaired to accurately identify Trinidad and Tobago currency. The application facilitates the identification of money by passing the phone’s camera over the particular note, and simply listening to the auditory identification


Download the app!