About Us


Persons Associated with Visual Impairment (PAVI) was established as an organization in October 1995 to address the needs and aspirations of persons with visual impairment. It is a registered non-profit organization with the Registrar of Companies and is recognized by the Ministry of the People and Social Development and the Ministry of Health. It acquired membership status with the Caribbean Council for the Blind in April 1996 and began delivering services to persons with visual impairment in August of the same year.

The organization is governed by an Executive Committee, which is involved in policy formation and overall decision-making. The day-to-day administration of the organization is the responsibility of an Executive Director who is supported by an Administrative Secretary and staff. At present, the membership of the organization figures at one hundred and twenty five (125) persons and we have serviced thousands since inception.

1st Roundtable "History of PAVI" notes