Being Charming

  1. Try charm; speak to me without shouting.
  2. Try charm; speak directly to me and not to the person with me
  3. Try charm; greet me when entering a room and say who you are.
  4. Try charm; say goodbye when you are leaving so I’m not left speaking to the air
  5. Tap on my shoulder gently when you approach me from behind or from my side when speaking to me, it helps to orientate me.
  6. Try charm; if you extend your hand please let me know.
  7. Try charm; place my hand on the chair back or the car door , in assisting me to seat with poise
  8. Try charm; don’t leave me in a strange environment without orientating me to it
  9. Try charm; be sure to inform me when there is something standing on a table or counter-top that can be tilted over, do not wait for an accident to happen.
  10. Try charm; guiding me up and down stairs, move a little ahead of me, you could say whether the stairs are going up or down, wait a moment for me to catch up when you reach the end of the stairs.
  11. Try charm; feel free to say “see” when speaking to me.
  12. Try charm; offer me your arm so that you can serve as my guide instead of grabbing or shoving.
  13. Try charm; come up to me in a large crowd if I appear disorientated and offer to help.
  14. Try charm; do not embarrass me in a group of people by openly referring to my blindness in words or actions.
  15. Try charm; laugh with me when I tell a joke related to blindness.
  16. Try charm; read me the menu that will allow me to choose what I want to eat.
  17. Try charm; guiding me through a doorway let me know if it is opening outward or inward.
  18. Try charm; guiding me through a narrow space move your guiding elbow to the middle line of your back, I will know from that moment that I should get behind you.
  19. Try charm; street vendors with music, turn down the music when you see me approaching. Save me some additional stress.
  20. Try charm; allow me clearance to use the sidewalk don’t push me out of the way.
  21. Try charm; when I’m crossing the street please slow down and please don’t overtake, don’t put my life at risk. Blindness can happen to anyone.
  22. Try charm; if you are riding in a bus and happen to be sitting in the seat designated for persons with disabilities and you see me coming, get up and allow me to sit. This will allow the driver to assist me in case of any emergency.

Try Kindness, try courtesy, try charm. Hello Charming.