Programmes & Services

What PAVI offers:

1. Adjustment to Blindness:

Helen Harris with cane

Adjustment to Blindness is a programme providing training, skills and means in which one, after losing sight may be able to function as normally and independently as possible. This training is provided in the following ways:

(a) Daily Living Skills: This is all about personal and home management

(b) White Cane Training: The white cane will help you in identifying objects on the ground, clearing your way to move freely. It will also assist you in getting assistance when it is needed as it serves to identify you as a blind person.

(c) Support Groups: Blindness does not have to be a lonely experience. At present, PAVI has three support groups situated in the East West corridor, Central and South Trinidad. In these groups members have the opportunity to share their stories; they experience camaraderie and have fun.

2. Computer Training

Tricia and family on the computerCome learn to use the computer or re-learn it, using an assistive technology software

3. Braille

Come learn to read and write Braille, that great invention useful for taking notes and labeling etc.

4. Awareness

PAVI raises awareness on the challenges and needs of the community of visually impaired persons to function in our communities.

5. Advocacy

At PAVI we advocate on behalf of persons with visual impairment for a fair and equitable society for all.

6. Calypso Competition

The organization hosts an annual calypso competition for persons with visual impairment to exhibit their creative and expressive selves.

7. Networking

PAVI networks with the Government, Non-Governmental Organizations and other organizations for the development of persons with visual impairment and the creation of an inclusive society.

8. Fundraising

At PAVI we raise funds to support our work. You may contact us if you wish to lend support.